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Many network engineers find the challenges to be intellectually stimulating, and the demand for skilled professionals in the field remains high. Success in networking often depends on a strong foundation of knowledge, dedication to learning, and a problem-solving mindset. It can be difficult at times, but for those who are passionate about technology and connectivity, it can be an exciting and fulfilling career. To begin this journey, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the basics of networking. Start by exploring online resources, books, and video tutorials to grasp concepts such as IP addressing, subnetting, routing, and switching.

how to become a network engineer without working on the help desk

Network engineering is a field where skills, dedication, and practical knowledge often hold more weight than a diploma. By honing your understanding of networking principles, obtaining relevant certifications, and building a strong professional network, you can position yourself for success. An entry-level network engineer helps plan, build, install, and troubleshoot networks or technology systems for a customer.

Do I Need a degree to Become a Network Engineer?

My first time posting here, so I want to start by saying thank you to everyone that contributes on here. Because of the post from this subreddit, I was able to go from a dead end job to starting my career really enjoying what I am doing. Hi everyone, I’m currently an installation technician for a Canadian ISP, also in the process of getting my CCNA in the hopes of becoming a network engineer.

  • You’ll also need to know how to develop LAN and WAN networks and what potential network issues look like.
  • Maintenance planners oversee projects from start to finish, making sure these are executed efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • A great addition to CompTIA A+ (or CompTIA ITF+) would be Google Cloud, RedHat or Microsoft certifications.
  • Computer network architects and engineers design and build data communication networks and monitor network systems.
  • Control systems staff engineers are seasoned professionals overseeing critical infrastructure and providing technical support across the board.
  • Because of the post from this subreddit, I was able to go from a dead end job to starting my career really enjoying what I am doing.

You can also join relevant communities and forums to connect with other professionals in your industry. In the US, help desk technicians earn a base salary of $48,310 and $2,555 in additional pay per year on average [2]. Additional pay may include profit-sharing, commissions, or bonuses. Factors that can influence your salary in this role include experience, education level, industry, location, and company. One of the perks of starting your IT career at the help desk is your exposure to the many pathways technology can take you in your career.

Software Defined WAN: the Wide Area Network is getting a facelift

Being willing to learn is one of the most critical qualities of an exceptional help desk technician. A willingness to learn takes humility and the ability to accept constructive help desk engineer criticism from your peers. This characteristic is very attractive to employers; virtually every company wants to hire employees who are lifelong learners.

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